Company Profile
Founded in 1979, Waterson Corp. has been engaging in international trade of various special fasteners cold forging accessories. Beginning in 1989, we invested to construct a well-equipped factory for launching production in OEM parts, while simultaneously starting our R&D center for new products.   Our efforts paid off later in 1991 when Waterson successfully marketed the SAFLOK Quick Coupler design, the SAFLOK Couplers always make the best safety guarantee for all people and environment;  it also helped to resolve on-site work safety issues existing since long.  We went on to establish a investment casting
factory in 1993 and started self-manufacturing the rough blank, in order to shorten the time needed for raw material supply while fully meeting quality requirements.

We invested volumes of capital in launching R&D projects and engaging in design improvement since 1990, which have earned Waterson numerous international awards, and led the company to shift its earlier OEM to an ODM operating mode. Coupled with our business philosophy of "Precision," "Accuracy" and "Prompt" which we have always adhered to, we have achieved business goals of "Precise Quality," "Accurate Delivery" and "Prompt Services". Our manufacturing process covers the annual yield of 3,600mt of precision stainless steel casting, aluminum alloy die casting, and CNC lathe and milling machines; major equipments include: ABB
automatic dipping robots imported from Sweden, TOSHIBA ultra high-speed die-casting machines, series of MAZAK compound machining center matched with automated feeding system, TAKAMAZ high precision CNC machining center, fully automated and unmanned welding robots, as well as X-ray detection equipment for coordination with our QC Department, adoption of 3-D automatic ASRS (Automatic Storage Retrieval System) with ERP system, the "brain" of factory operations, and RP (Rapid Prototyping) system, in order to offer our clients most expeditious services. With our current increasing and thriving business operations, we further embarked on launching our corporate brand products, including: , in addition to maintaining our engagement in the OEM and ODM branches.

Since 2005, WATERSON CORP started to develop automatic door closer. After six-year development, we officially launched Waterson Stainless Steel Automatic Door-Closer Hinge in 2011. Been assessed and found eligible to participate in the “Witness Test Data Program” by UL (Underwriters Laboratories INC.) Approved by UL, it meets ANSI 156.17-Grade 1 standard and passes the 1,000,000 cycles opened and closed test. Waterson Stainless Steel Automatic Door-Closer Hinge owns exclusive patent and is the only product which combined door closer, floor hinge or doorstopper without any oil.

Based on our philosophy of "Human Essence", WATERSON CORP. considers people as the most important asset which endows our devotion to ameliorate employees’ work and life quality. Such philosophy is clearly displayed by the formation of our factory as one modern building, integrating functions of logistics, education, leisure and culture. The embellishment of this building adopts transparent glass partition, to strengthen transparent corporate management style. We further help our employees to elevate their proficiency and insufficiency, through educational training as well as offering library services with abundant collection of books, large lecture hall, "leisure café", music hall, five-star suites, restaurant,
swimming pool. Our wish is to entice our employees, their family members and friends, to enjoy our relaxation facilities during off-duty periods. We also host plenty of artistic exhibitions, into which local and regional cultures are well incorporated, helping to elevate levels of artistic/cultural enrichment and absorption. We intend to nurture excellent employees to work at WATERSON CORP., creating together an ever-brilliant future 2035 era for the company.