Origin of Logo
The official logo of the Waterson Group is designed around the classic Chinese philosophy of "The Five Basic Elements." These elements are metal (White  Tiger, Autumn, West ), wood ( Azure dragon, Spring, East  ), water ( Black  Tortoise, Winter, North ), fire ( Vermillion  bird , Summer, South ), and earth (Yellow Dragon, Center). The Five Basic Elements symbolize a gathering of all the forces of nature and endow a spirit of prosperity and eternal growth.  The meaning of The Five Basic Elements is complex and profound. Passed down from ancient times all five phases or steps are represented by their own element, direction, color, and auspicious animal.
The elements become part of the two cycles of generating and overcoming:
Wood feeds fire;
Fire creates earth (ash);
Earth bears metal;
Metal collects water;
Water nourishes wood.
Wood parts earth;
Earth absorbs water;
Water quenches fire;
Fire melts metal;
Metal chops wood
The logo, therefore, is a metaphor for taking from the Earth and making for the Earth, a continuous evolution generating new life from and for nature in perfect balance. With this inherently Chinese thinking, Waterson Group emphasizes an operational concept of pursuing a never ending quest for self improvement.